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Thursday 9th May 2013: Matsumoto

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We dropped the car off at lunchtime in Matsumoto to give us time to have a wander about and also to post back to Martin and Tilly the spoon we had stolen to eat our yogurts on Monday. The people in the post office were so helpful and charming it made us embarrassed on behalf of anyone having to use the post office in UK and Spain when they can’t speak the language.

Flower clock, Matsumoto

Flower clock, Matsumoto

The castle, ‘Matsumoto-jo’ is one of four castles designated as ‘national treasures’, but it was closed by the time we got there. Still, from the outside it was quite lovely:

Beautiful Matsumoto Castle

Beautiful Matsumoto Castle

Lovely Helen and Randall at Matsumoto Castle

Lovely Helen and Randall at Matsumoto Castle

The castle gate. Knobs and knockers jokes.


Castle grounds, and Randall


Castle gates


Matsumoto nightlife


Dirty burger, Aloha Hawaiian burger joint.


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