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Friday 26th and Saturday 27th August – Diving in Sydney

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Early starts both mornings, with pick up by Rod of Coogee Pro Dive  under the Coca Cola Sign of Kings Cross. Friday was a guided group shore dive off Bare Island for Randall and day 1 of the PADI Open Water skills test dives for the Open Water Diver certification for me (I’d already completed my pool dives and theory), then Saturday was the Shark Dive for Randall and day 2 of the PADI skills test dives for me in beautiful Camp Cove the same as the day before:

Randall saw loads of fish and I saw, amongst other things, a baby Port Jackson shark, to the great delight of my instructor as apparently it’s quite rare to see them.

In the evening we went for a wander around Kings Cross. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy:

Seriously, it is a splendid, seething, screeching mass of neon tackiness amongst which we managed to find, on Saturday night, a rather nice Vietnamese restaurant where we celebrated me passing my PADI with a bottle of fizzy booze, all the while being horrified about the price of wine in Australia (Aussie wine costs more here than it does in the UK…WTF???). We also found a Cuban bar with live salsa music played by two Columbian guys:

fantastic retro mixer!

so we drank overpriced Mojitos, attempted to dance salsa (tricky in flip-flops) and talked rubbish to some of the more inebriated clientele.


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