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Friday 14th October: Taupo

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Friday we arrived at Lake Taupo and headed to Wairakei – a geothermal park where they are ‘artificially’ recreating the Pink and White Terraces ‘  that were destroyed in 1886 by the eruption of the Mt Tarawera volcano:

The water from the geyser comes out superheated to 130 degrees C.

The original terraces were all natural, but these have had the terrace shape created, but the silica is being laid down naturally by the volcanic waters.

The colours and shapes are quite astounding.

After lunch we walked (it was a bit gentle to call a hike) to Huka Falls along the Waikato river which flows out of Lake Taupo. The waters of the river are stunningly clear, and a number of hot streams run into it:

Randall dipping his toes in the hot water stream.


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