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A bit about our adventures 2011-2012

Saturday 19th – Tuesday 22nd November: Bangkok

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Our E&O package included a night at the Bangkok Peninsula hotel where they dropped us after the interminable bus trip from Kanchanaburi. It was utterly fabulous so we immediately rejected any thoughts of checking into a Khao San Road hostel the next day, and broke the bank by extending our stay for the next 3 nights. Naughty but very, very nice.

The Peninsula and one of it’s river shuttle boats that take you across the river for free. We were on the 30th floor so great views!

View from / our lovely room.

Valet call button over the bath, to our amusement.

Randall on one of the shuttle boats

The skippers of the river shuttle

Shuttle boat at the hotel pier

‘long tail’ boats (with huge diesel engines on board and a massive long rudder/propeller) used for transporting small cargo up and down the Chao Praya river

Huge barge on the river. They go up- as well as down-stream. Up requires a team of tug boats.

Sandbags on the river bank

Randall slightly underwhelmed by his Del-Boy stylee mixed fruit juice.

That’s more like it.

Bangkok ‘shop houses’

Street maintenance, Bangkok-style

Ronald McDonald on the Khao San Road (we didn’t go in)

Answers on a postcard, please…

Randall took some persuading to get into a tuk-tuk, but enjoyed it really…

Royal Fields at night, complete with piped music.

Surprising number of sleek but healthy looking cats in Bangkok – very at home in this bar/cafe off Th Sukhumvit – presumably they keep the mice, rats and cockroaches down as the place seemed pretty clean once you got used to the moggies climbing over everything!

Sign in our taxi. Not sure what happens if you do.

Sunset over the Chao Praya from the pier, waiting for the river taxi.


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