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Tuesday 22nd November: Grand Palace & Wat Pho, Bangkok

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These two get a post all of their own.

There is a dress code, but the management have a very organised system where inappropriately dressed tourists get a loan of ‘suitable items.’ Apparently Randall’s ankles and elbows weren’t going to offend anyone, but the shawl I usually wear over head and shoulders didn’t cut the mustard. I’d been wondering why I’d seen so many frumpily-dressed people wandering around:

Lovely loan shirt from the palace wardrobe.

A ‘properly dresses’ apparently.

All worthwhile though: Grand Palace of Bangkok:

Anti-capitalism warning…they might rise up against you, apparently.

Tales from the Ramayana, Thai Buddhist style. Renovation in progress.

Incredible details

Grrrr, where’s my tea!

Scale model of Angkor Wat

Hi Five!

OK, so I was a bit Wat-ed out by this point and getting bored…

Time to head to Wat Pho to see the enormous Reclining Buddha:

Big fella.


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